CrestView Homes – Helena A Model

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Home Information
  • Price

    : ₱1,335,000.00 

    • Type

      : Sale

    • Bedrooms

      : 2

    • Bathrooms

      : 1

    • Lot Area

      : 100 Sq. M.

    • Floor Area

      : 38 Sq. M.

    • Address

      : Brgy Ula, Tugbok District

    • City

      : Davao City

    • Province

      : Davao del Sur

    • Country

      : Philippines

    • Zip Code

      : 8000

    Property Description

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    CrestView Homes at Brgy. Ula, Tugbok District, Davao City

    CrestView Homes is directly located near the foot of Mt. Apo which does not only have access to the scenic view of its peak but also provides a cool and windy space dedicated to people who deserves it like you. Also included in this community are amenities like a full perimeter fence, entrance gate and guardhouse with landscape, an outdoor basketball court with bleachers, a park with playground and a multi-purpose hall accessible to all.


    If you are looking for the cheapest house with all the basic amenities included then the Helena-A model is right for you. It has 2 bedrooms, a toilet and bath and a garage all at the price of 1.3 million pesos.


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    House model :Helena A
    House type :Single A
    Floor Area Approx. :38 sq.m.
    Lot area Approx. :100 sq.m.
    Package Price Excluding HDMF/Bank/IHF fees :P1,335,000.00
    Reservation Fee :P15,000.00
    Total Contract Price :P1,320,000.00



    House Loanable Value  :P760,680.00
    Lot Loanable Value  :P378,000.00
    Total Loanable Value :P1,138,680.00
    Total Equity includes Transfer & HDMF fees :P256,718.00
    Equity 6 months to pay :P42,786.00
    Equity 12 months to pay :P21,393.00
    Equity 18 months to pay :P14,262.00
    Equity 20 months to pay :P12,836.00
    Total HDMF Take out :P1,138,680.00
    20 years @ 5.5% int. Rate (Indicative) :P7,833.00
    25 years @ 5.5% int. Rate (Indicative) :P6,992.00
    30 years @ 5.5% int. Rate (Indicative) :P6,465.00



    30% down payment   :P396,000.00
    SPOT Down Payment: 2% Discount :P388,080.00
    6 Mos @ 0% Int. Rate :P66,000.00
    12 Mos @ 0% Int. Rate :P33,000.00
    15 Mos @ 0% Int. Rate :P26,400.00
    18 Mos @ 0% Int. Rate :P22,000.00
    22 Mos @ 0% Int. Rate :P18,000.00
    24 Mos @ 0% Int. Rate :P16,500.00
    70% Balance :P924,000.00
    3 years to pay @ 12% int. :30,690.00
    5 years to pay @ 15% int. :P21,982.00
    7 years to pay @ 17% int. :P18,883.00
    10 years to pay @ 17% int. :P16,649.00



    Spot cash 30 Days: 2% DiscountP1,293,600.00
    6 Monthly Payments: 1% Discount :P217,800.00
    12 Monthly Payments @ 0% int. Def Cash :P110,000.00
    24 Monthly Payments @ 0% int. Def Cash :P55,000.00
    36 Monthly Payments @ 0% int. Def Cash :P36,667.00
    48 Monthly Payments @ 0% int. Def Cash :P27,500.00



    20% Equity Payment :P264,000.00
    6 Mos @ 0% int. rate :P44,000.00
    12 Mos @ 0% int. rate :P22,000.00
    18 Mos @ 0% int. rate :P14,667.00
    20 Mos @ 0% int. rate :P13,200.00
    Approx. Transfer Fee(Due with last equity) :P69,382.00
    80% Balance for Financing :P1,056,000.00
    5 yrs to pay @ 6% int. rate :P20,415.00
    15 yrs to pay @ 6% int. rate :P8,911.00
    20 yrs to pay @ 6% int. rate :P7,566.00
    25 yrs to pay @ 6% int. rate :P6,804.00

    Property Map

    Location : Brgy Ula, Tugbok District

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